Check Your Pockets, There’s a Politician in the Room

In your wildest dreams you just couldn’t make it up. The British people voted for change in much the same way as they did for New Labour in 1997. A fresh start in politics and a brand new slate with which to play. A fresh clear direction with the right people in the right jobs to hit our economic problems head on. No more scandal or rows about expenses just a good old fashioned coalition government like we had from 1915 to 1922 and from 1940 – 1945. (Nothing new or exciting about that then.) Yet there seems to be something about the British political psyche that just doesn’t get or understand the requirements of the electorate. Remember, you only get that for which you vote, and after only two weeks in power the Cameron coalition ministry have already shown their true colours: no wonder that they should be pushing for a minimum five year term. I find it almost offensive that one by one the allies of David Laws leap to his defence following his disgraceful misuse of public money.

David Laws

 One of the very things that we thought had been consigned to history. What I find even more astounding is that this very talented and intelligent man’s actions were not discovered until after the general election. Forget the duck houses, moats and dodgy DVD’s, this is tantamount to sinister. This is a man, fully aware of his actions, that allows the Cameron-Clegg government to jettison him into high office only to resign over something of which his leaders should have been aware. Why did no one know? And why has he been replaced by yet another Liberal Democrat when that party achieved fewer votes than any other? in fact, as we all know, they lost seats! The whole thing stinks. It seems to me, no matter how anyone tries to square the hole; it can’t be possible to have a minority party’s members running our country. It’s just not right. One simply has to laugh, because there’s nothing, absolutely nothing that can be done about it. And as for standards in public life, well, it’s as if they just can’t help themselves along with all of the bankers that have done ‘quite nicely thank you’ off the backs of the taxpayer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we’ve been ripped off by a bunch of school children that all met at Hogwarts! One gang went into politics, the other into banking, and this latest revelation won’t be the last. Nick Clegg especially must be in a desperate state after all of his promises about a cleaner politics. Gordon Brown on the other hand has to be listening to the news and thinking ‘I’ll give them two years at best’. Our representatives in this coalition need to understand that we can’t afford honeymoon periods or cash disappearing into well-greased pockets. This government was supposed to hit the ground running and has ended up looking slightly old before its time.


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