Whose Minding The Shop?

Ever the self publicist, MP Louise Bagshawe

I should like to know why my MP, Louise Bagshawe, is on a Radio 4 panel show today instead of representing the people of Corby and East Northants? Surely, stealing time is as despicable as the misuse of public money! Furthermore, I here tell that she was conspicuous by her absence at this years  Spirit of Corby Awards, an event usually made complete by the attendance of the sitting MP.

Richard Oliff is interviewed by the winner of this years Spirit of Corby Award Des Barber

Now, I have no political axe to grind, butI know just how important such events of community recognition are to Corby folk and to the business community, having presented both the Spirt and the Sports awards at various times. In itself a great honour. It’s worth remembering Ms. Bagshawe that it was just this kind of dismissive attitude that lost William Powell his seat to Phil Hope. It is a privilege to represent the people of Corby: not just a vehicle for celebrity or ambition. There will surely be enough time for all of that once we have the economy back on its feet.  Then by all means, let’s see you on Have I Got News For You. Bagshawe was voted in on the back of ‘new government’ rhetoric. So far I’ve yet to see evidence of progress or a genuine willingness to endear her to the electorate. How would I vote on the progress of Louse Bagshawe MP to date? Well, just like the game she was playing on Radio 4, I’d kick her out of the balloon as dead weight!


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