The Consequence of Stupidity

Having been a driver for over thirty years without so much as a speeding fine or a parking ticket I feel qualified to recognise a bad or even dangerous road surface when I see (or should that be feel) one. There is little doubt that the recent winter was

Stupidity taken to a whole new level!

 exceptionally detrimental to our road surfaces with low temperatures and ice being the cause in the creation of the kind of surface which is more akin to a lunar landscape and not the one for which our vehicle suspension was designed. I had thought that prior to the end of the financial year that we might see more than the usual flurry of road repair activity as local authorities ‘dump’ any financial residue into our cash strapped roads and, to a certain extent, this has been the case. However, and there just has to be an ‘however’, when I witness the powers that be spending an obscene amount of money on an advertising campaign (as first reported in the Evening Telegraph) designed to attract more folk from the London area to the unrecognisably stupidly tagged ‘North Londonshire’, my heart sank and my blood boiled. It’s almost as if you and I are hearing news of an economic crisis causing all central governments around the world to cut back spending on a scale that beggar’s belief, yet our local authorities appear to have been living on the planet Zorgon, bereft of common sense, lacking in sensitivity or intelligence or perhaps having developed a hearing problem which causes them to carry on spending recklessly without regard for local tax payers. Wasting public cash should be a thing of history, a mindset which belongs to the past, right? Well, just imagine, if you will, just for one moment, a group of well educated, even elected people sitting around a table in negotiation with an advertising agency who, in their brilliantly and no doubt artistically way manage to persuade our local government representatives that parting with a six figure sum on something as spurious as ‘The North Londonshire’ campaign was a good idea. ‘That’s a good idea….where do we sign….I’m sure the tax payers won’t mind!’ Wrong: I suggest that we do mind and would never sanction such stupidity. A decision that’s an insulting slap in the face to those of us that can’t afford to be quite so cavalier with our money. Perhaps I’m wrong, perhaps, in advertising land this is a ‘new direction’ in modern thinking and that Boris Johnson could attract more folk to live in the capital by renaming it ‘South Corbyketteringwellingboroughshire’. Of course I’m being silly, but at least I recognise the fact. The next time someone is admitted to hospital following a motorcycle accident not of their making, but the fault of an unfilled pothole, just think of that well educated group of people spending that six figure sum.


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