My ‘Law’ List for Nick Clegg

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, is apparently asking us which laws we think should be abolished. ( Well Nick, here goes.

1. Amend the law which does not allow the self employed ‘sole trader’ to claim unemployment benefit on proof of national insurance payments.

2. Remove all laws which require our compliance with anything coming out of Brussels.

3. Remove all payments of child allowance to any household whose annual income exceeds £20,000.

4. Allow all widowers and widows to receive their pension’s tax free.

5. Increase the driving age to 21.

6. Remove all laws which allow life sentences to be reduced in any way. Life should be just that. The natural life of the prisoner.

7. Remove all ‘P.C’ laws. I.e. Goggles must be worn when playing conkers: a child must not be seen to win in school races (it’s the taking part that counts).

8. Amend the school leaving age to 15.

9. Completely reform the health and safety regulations.

10. Remove the right to a state pension from anyone with an annual retirement income or other pensions exceeding £20,000


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