Local Media Reality Check

The Lakelands Daycare Hospice in Corby  (http://www.lakelandshospice.org.uk/) is a remarkable place. It has been built by the sheer determination and tenacity of the people of the whole region that it serves. It is a place that exists purely thanks to charitable donations, an ongoing state of affairs which challenges all of those involved. It serves the people of the entire region, including Leicestershire. Therefore when they advertise the date of one of their hugely successful summer fete’s one would ‘assume’ that the local media might show an interest in an event that has been organised by the same people that have supported said media over the years. One can almost put money on seeing the Evening Telegraph turning up to promote the fundraising activity of this vital community bolt-on to the existing health services. Their photographer Kit Mallin arrives with his head already filled with ideas as to how the event might be best represented in the newspaper. His work ethic is commendable, on top of which he always makes me smile! One then begins to wonder just how high a priority the Hospice is in the minds of other local media. They should remember that the same people that ‘built’ the Lakelands at vast emotional and financial cost to themselves are the self same audience that they all vie to attract in their viewing and listening ratings. I thought it might be disingenuous to mention names of companies, but then I thought ‘Why not!’  There’s nothing here that isn’t in the public domain. Only TWO out of a potential EIGHT saw fit to bother!I do think it’s a shame that they made themselves conspicuous by their absence. Of course, they have their diary commitments and often it’s just not possible to spread resources, especially to an event that brings no commercial gain to their business or perhaps involves travelling costs from as far as Cambridgeshire. Yet, like the Corby Highland Gathering, Corby Carnival, the Pole Fair or the spectacular that is the annual fireworks display at the boating lake, the Hospice holds a special place in the hearts of Corby’s giving folk. These are the same people who dig so very deep to give at Christmas to the various appeals by said media on behalf of our regional hospitals, and it would be a good thing to remember them without taking cost or ratings into account. After all, when one gives without expectation of return one might be surprised at the result. For the best part of 20 years I’ve had the privilege of working with various stations whose service areas have included Corby and North Northamptonshire (KCBC, Connect FM, NTV, BBC Radio Northampton and HFM) and, having seen my own father die in Thoroughsale Road from a cancer which today is certainly curable, I have a deep understanding of just how important it is to the Lakelands to attract free media attention. Public Relations. It’s the lifeblood: oxygen of the hospice movement. That given I see it almost a duty of local media to be seen to promote the likes of the Lakelands without agenda. At the end of the day local media is just that: no presenter ego’s or celebrities. It’s far more important than that.


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