Corby’s Cultural Heritage

So, once again Corby has been branded a town without culture. It’s worth examining what the word ‘culture’ actually means. Traditions, customs, background, ethnicity, civilisation and, in my view most importantly of all, society. Culture has nothing to do with buildings only the people who choose to use or ignore them. What is culture if it is not the people themselves? I have visited many towns and city museums, libraries and arts centres in some of the most so called ‘cultural’ centres in Britain. Often I was the only person (apart from the guy at the entrance) in the building. This is not culture; this is a gross mismanagement of public funds that might be better spent on the homeless or the pensioners in our society: a civilised compassionate society breeds its own culture. It seems to me that culture by its very nature can not exist without people. Quite often criticism is levied at Corby by people and journalists who know nothing of its history or its people. Some well respected commentators and writers have even suggested that Rockingham Castle is in a completely different county! Now, if they can’t even get that right might I suggest that they change profession and give the job to someone with a grasp of the meaning of research. I’m not writing this out of some retrospect romantic view through rose tinted spectacles. I recognise that Corby isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing of all the town on might encounter, however, in true Corby cultural terms, I can not sit by and read such drivel written about a town that is on the brink of huge significance within the centre of England. I’m writing this in defence of a population that has had to endure this kind of attack through many decades by people who often have not done their homework: shame on them. The truth is this. Corby was a major centre of steel manufacture for decades. Thousands were made redundant following the closure of the steelworks. Corby, because of the resilient nature of its population and the shrewdness of many a council administration, has risen to become a major economic goldmine for employers. It is they that can see the truth behind the culture of Corby. Hard work and hard play. The town is full of Scots, Welsh, Irish, East Europeans, and, believe it or not, English. It is they that are at the very heart of Corby culture: not the buildings or the objects of museums. It is they that are the cultural centre. Might I suggest that the writers of this uneducated heap of statistics go away and think again? Corby has one priceless commodity which puts it at the number one spot in my book: Corby has SOUL.


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