‘Who Won The Cup?’

Corby Secondary Modern School for Boys no longer exits. It stood in the shadow of the blast furnaces on James Watt Avenue for many years with generations of boys dressed in black blazers being educated there from the age of eleven. In all those years many sporting achievements were recognised and rewarded. Cricket, football, rugby, athletics and cross-country, to name but a few. The school was demolished to make way for a housing development, although part of the Samuel Lloyds School for Girls is still standing. My two brothers, my sister and I were all educated on this patch of Corby land. I can still remember the huge entrance foyer to the Boy’s school with its enormous trophy cabinet facing the main entrance. To the left and right of the cabinet were the two double doors that led to the great hall. Some of the many pieces of ‘silverware’ and shields in the trophy cabinet were certainly substantial and I have often wondered, since the demise of the school, whatever happened to all of these spoils of victory? Where did they go? There had to have been a moment when that cabinet was opened for the very last time for the removal of those symbols of excellence to an allotted other place. Perhaps they are in a safe place within the bosom of the local education authority, held in perpetuity for future generations to admire or even contest. So many schools over the years have been demolished or ‘amalgamated’ one can only imagine that somewhere there is an Aladdin’s cave piled high with splendid engraved sporting honours reminiscent of the dragon’s lair in The Hobbit. Silver, pewter or silver plated: it really doesn’t matter, it was the symbol that counted. On the other hand, being cynical for just a moment, they may have simply been sold on, melted down or even, dare I say, sentenced to the Corby tip. I should add that I was in no way responsible for achieving any of the said awards, but that should not detract from their importance. We still recognise achievement, especially in the sporting arena, whether it’s an F.A cup winners medal for playing for Portsmouth or coming top of a county rugby league. There is quite rightly a sense of pride and belonging whenever trophies of significance are awarded. Yet, with the passing of years, it’s all too easy to forget the commitment that some of these dusty old hard-won cups’s and shields represent. Having had the honour on a few occasions to host the Corby Sports Awards I can’t imagine for one moment that any of the proud recipients would treat any of their medals, cups, or trophies with anything other than respect. This brings me back to the missing contents of the Corby Boy’s School trophy cabinet. Where did they all end up? Surely someone must know.


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