Beatles ‘mainstay’ TONY BRAMWELL interviewed by Richard Oliff

The ‘Beatle Man’ Tony Bramwell interviewed by Richard Oliff Tuesday 17th January 2012 1530. Paul McCartney’s publicist Geoff  Baker calls Tony Bramwell, “the last man standing” because only Tony, the Beatles former Road Manager, remains alive out of a small group of Beatles insiders from Liverpool who helped Brian Epstein manage the Beatles from the very beginning. Other Beatles insiders who have tragically passed away include: Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall who started as roadies in Liverpool to help out their friends the Beatles, Brian’s Assistant Alistair Taylor who was also known as the Beatles “Mr. Fix-it”, and lastly not to be forgotten is Alf Bicknell, the Beatles chaffeur from 1964-66 and also worked as a roadie at John’s request.  Tony was also a close friend of all of the Beatles and remains close to Paul and Ringo. Tony wrote “Magical Mystery Tours: My Life With the Beatles”, a tell all book about his time working with the Beatles first published in April 2005 in hardcover and is now available in paperback .

Tony Bramwell looks on as Paul works on his technique

Paul, Mal and Tony with A/N other

Tony with John

Tony Bramwell with Bruce Springsteen

Derek Taylor,Ron Kass,Peter Asher, Mary Hopkin and Tony Bramwell



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