All Things Must Pass

Isn’t life a wonderful thing? It’s the gift that is given to us all and enhanced by the way in which we choose to follow its course from beginning to end. Down the years, people have derived many comforting phrases that help us to cope with everything that life might throw our way, using colourful terms in prose, music, poetry and folklore as a point of delivery. ‘Life Is a Long Song’, life is a ‘Rich Tapestry’. Yet we never tend to draw on these gems of security when our individual world is just as it was meant to be. Today life’s comforts are generally perceived as scale based on financial peace of mind. A feeling of well-being: even success. The mortgage payments are up to date; the utility bills are well catered for via direct debit from a ‘well-loaded’ bank account, via that job that brings a monthly guaranteed deposit. The well groomed garden that grows around the well groomed house is a picture too that reflects the stability of mind of the people that live their lives exactly as they had planned. It is in such times of confidence that we all need to make provision for even the most disastrous of circumstances. Yet who cares? After all, isn’t that a tad like trying to convince an 18 year old that a pension is a really good idea? Or telling a financial advisor that we don’t need employment protection insurance because our job is safe? Isn’t it? Here’s another question: if car insurance was purely voluntary, how many of us would genuinely take advantage of securing peace of mind in the case of any level of disaster? The truth, really, is that none of us wants to believe that such things would or could ever happen to our rosy well planned existence. Life is a wondrous thing, until unforeseen circumstances contrive to, literally, take it all away. There are hundreds of ways that can change the course of it all in a heartbeat. Its at times like these that we might recall those previously mentioned snippets of mental comfort blankets, if only to maintain sanity through the most arduous of days.

Noah's Ark: the ultimate example of insuring against dissaster

On the bright side I’ve found that however the dark the clouds might be I know in my heart of hearts that, no matter the circumstances, the sun will shine again, even if it means a complete change of lifestyle and mindset. Yet even in these circumstances one has to work ever harder, mentally and physically to keep ones head above water. During the hard times I can still hear my mum telling me to eat and exercise properly because without ones health very little can be achieved. An article recently suggested that most of us are only ever three months away from financial disaster at any given point in time, but with the right mental attitude and an ability to pick the bits from the ashes it is always possible to refresh, revive and survive.


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