Margo Stevens – Apple Scruff

They Came In Through The Bathroom Window!

Margo Stevens with Bam Bam (a child that she often babysat). I do know that she was there  the day that Paul & Linda were married, and Paul asked if he (Bam Bam) was okay in the crowd. Margo remembered the night that Linda first stayed at Cavendish Avenue.On a warm night in London McCartney sat on the window sill on the top floor and gave a live version of the song ‘Blackbird’ (a song inspired by Angie McCartney’s mother) to the ‘Apple Scruffs’ gathered in front of his house. Pictured (l-r) Margo Stevens, Bam Bam, Mal Evans, Peter Brown, Linda & Paul

$_57 (3)

I recently came across another little scrap of paper lurking in the loft which had been signed on an Apple Records letterhead. the signature was that of ‘Apple Scruff’ Margo Stevens. ‘Apple Scruffs’ was the name of a group of the Beatles’ most dedicated fans began to call themselves.A number of the girls, mainly from Britain and America, left their homes to move to London in order to follow the Beatles around, spending endless hours waiting outside recording studios, houses and the Apple building itself, hoping for a glimpse of their idols. What made this act of dedication so unusual was that the girls didn’t just hang around for a few days or week or months, but spent a few years devoting their time to Beatles-watching. They regarded themselves as an extra-special group and included Margo Stevens, Sue, John, Chris, Di, Kathy, Virginia, Dani, Wendy, Jill, Lucy, Carol, Tommy and Jimmy. After they’d got to know each other from sitting around on the step of 3 Savile Row, the girls decided to officially call themselves Apple Scruffs. Tommy was the only boy they would allow to join the group at the time, although later they admitted Jimmy. The Scruffs came mainly from America – Houston, New York, Chicago and Cleveland. Margo Stevens was the ‘leader’ of the Scruffs and in 1970 they launched their own Apple Scruffs magazine. This contained so much information about Beatles activities that even members of the Apple staff read it to find out what was going on and the Beatles themselves also received copies. A group of Apple Scruffs broke into Paul McCartney’s house in Cavendish Avenue one day by climbing up a ladder and entering through an open bathroom window. They stole clothes and photographs. Some of the photographs were important to Paul and he told Margo about them, and she managed to get them back for him. As a result, Paul wrote the song, “She came in Through the Bathroom Window.” When the girls were waiting outside the recording studios one night where George had been recording, he suddenly came out and invited them into the studio where he played them a song he’s written specially for them, “Apple Scruffs” which was included on his All Things must Pass album. The Apple Scruffs eventually disbanded in December 1973, after the Savile Row building was no longer occupied, and as the members of the Beatles had gone their separate ways. They occasionally gathered together for reunions. One of the girls, Carol Bedford, wrote a book about the Scruffs and called it “Waiting for the Beatles”. In 1970 Margo was employed as a ‘tea-girl’ by Apple, eventually becoming an assistant in A&R (Artists and repertoire).

The ‘Scruffs’ are invited to dinner by the Beatles. Wendy, Jill, MARGO, Carol, Lucy & Kathy



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10 responses to “Margo Stevens – Apple Scruff

  1. Gary

    Great piece on the Apple scrufs.

  2. Penny Walker

    Did I reply? Penny cooked at Apple ! xx Think I! sent last bit by mistake

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  4. Jimmy copeland

    I have often thought and wondered about Margo Stevens and what became of her… I met her a few times in the apple offices in London in 1974… we wrote to each other for a while and Margo was generous and kind sending me souvenirs from apple…. jimmy copeland from Belfast… n.ireland…..

  5. Jimmy copeland

    If anyone knows Marcos whereabouts I’d very much appreciate your help… I’d love to write to her as she was so kind to my late mother and me on our visits to apple in 1974….

  6. I was wondering can anyone help me with the current whereabouts of Margo Stevens please…. we lost contact many years ago and I’ll love to get intouch with her…. kind regards … Jimmy copeland….

  7. Jimmy copeland

    Fantastic article on Margo and the apple scruffs…. I’ve been telling loads of people about it… Margo was such a lovely person…

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