A Trust Betrayed

One of the things that have always made life bearable in Britain is our connection with some of our media hero’s. One might watch the Morecambe and Wise show in the 70’s, and spend the best part of the following day recalling their show, almost verbatim, with friends and work colleagues simply to rekindle collective memories which would be greeted by all with great hilarity. The rota of star names is endless: Mike Yarwood, John Peel….many of these media professionals became our friends, like the genius of Les Dawson. They made us feel good. A little like recalling Del and Rodney dressed as Batman and Robin emerging from a fog. Some catchphrases are instantly recognisable without even mentioning any names: ‘Nice to see you…to see you nice!’ “Did you see Freddie Starr on the Royal Variety show last night?” We’d all start emulating some of his distinctive routines, the very performance that that would make him a household name. Teenagers in their millions bought the sixties hit Everybody’s Gone To The Moon by Jonathon King, likewise in the 70’s records by Gary Glitter ensured his place as a teenage icon. It takes great leaps of faith for a public to entrust such moral reliance, even, dare I say, a blind faith, that such people may be nothing more or less than we expect: even hold dear. After all, they are good people: they must be, they’re on the telly or the radio – surely qualification enough – such endorsements by major institutions ensure that these people are way beyond reproach. God forbid. Well, God had better start forbidding. The last few weeks have been confusing, distressing, shocking, and hurtful: how far must one go? How many adjectives can one use when describing the revelations about Jimmy Savile? I felt betrayed for all of the years that I, like millions of others, held this man in such great esteem. Jimmy Savile was a uniquely, quintessentially British media star: a man beyond reproach. Sickening.


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  1. Jim

    People, in a civilised society, use their own belief sphere when offering admiration and loyalty which can only be adjudged by what a celebrity does and what is known about them. To have your convictions and trust shown to be misplaced isn’t so much a personal failure as consequence in part of our make up. It happens and it is anything but pleasant when it does.. Will it change our outlook on prominant public figures or are we now to suspect everyone of wrong doing particularly because of the very recent damaging revelations. I hope that I can keep my values whilst repairing my damaged beliefs. However, the damage that Mr Cameron is engaged in, targeting the weak and defenceless if not worse is certainly an equal disgraceful abuse of power. Being a bereaved parent with children. Also now, due to serious illness last year, as a disabled individual. I contributed for 44 years of full time employment to be looked after if I needed to be. I am now labelled a maligerer, some one who wants something for nothing, I/we are the cause of all the financial problems in the country. I am expected to live on £137 per week, if I don’t participate in health treatments to “improve my work capabilty” I will be reduced to nothing per week. I just hope they can repair the damage to my brain and spinal cord due to oxygen starvation because I can’t. Fortunately I am willing to go up the town and beg for food and help. There are many who will not be as strong and I fear the actions they will be taking.

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