A Bog Too Far

Theme parks have been with us for many years drawing on our increasing need for a happy, if not somewhat expensive, family distraction. However, all such pre conceptions may now be consigned to the past as, last week, in the city of Suwon in South Korea, a new park opened its doors to the public for the first time, on what it calls “the world’s first toilet theme park”. It’s officially known as the Restroom Cultural Park. It was apparently inspired by the town’s mayor who had been born in a toilet, and was affectionately known as ‘Mr. Toilet’. The very notion of such a concept left me helpless with laughter. I then began to wonder if the ‘museum’ part of the park might include a representation of the toilet seat/bidet cover: the design for which I was partially responsible and granted a British patent application number way back in 1987. Let me explain. We’d been on a wet, miserable, windswept camping holiday in Devon when, one night I had a perfectly normal need to visit the loo. The uninspiring brick-built shared facility was at least a couple of hundred yards from our tent making for a truly miserable nocturnal excursion, made even worse when, on arrival, one was faced with one of the most disgusting sights. All evidence of the previous days use by every male on the campsite was all still there to behold, complete with rain-sopped sandy floors. Every toilet had been left in a disgusting state. I had no choice. I still had to ‘go’. There were no ‘ifs or buts’. Without going into too much detail, it occurred to me that on such occasions it would be very useful to have ones own disinfected protective disposable toilet seat cover that may also double up as much needed loo paper. Perhaps our campsite was simply the forerunner to the Restroom Cultural Park: though I’m not sure if it could seriously threaten the likes of Alton Towers.


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