Christ-Mass? ……….

All you need is love!

It’s time to start preparing for Christmas once again. It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that I found myself putting all of the carefully labelled and bagged seasonal paraphernalia into the loft, keeping them safe for another twelve months. The sheer mention of the word at some time around now encourages predictable responses at the mere mention of the word. ‘Oh no, it comes around too quickly’ or ‘it’s lost its real meaning anyway’ or ‘it’s just for the kids isn’t it?’ However, unlike Halloween, Christmas has maintained its origins firmly within the Christian calendar. In saying that I do find that much of the true meaning of Christmas has indeed lost its way amongst the spending and revelry. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Christmas party, and I certainly love most things to do with Christmas, still getting excited on Christmas Eve in particular. I do however dislike the number of cards I’m expected to write, (probably just a case of laziness), or trying to figure out just how this years Christmas will be paid for. Particularly now, given the financial circumstances of the past few months, the commercialism of the entire affair seems somehow wrong and yet one feels obligated to spend and hang the consequences. Well, I have an idea that I should like to share with you. It would be that the whole of Christianity in all its manifest forms, from Anglicans, Catholics, Evangelists, Mormons, Congregationalist, Baptists, Methodists, everyone, decided en mass to rename Christmas simply Christ-Mass. Imagine that for just one minute. Purely because of the way the two words are joined by a hyphen the word Christ would have to be enunciated correctly when referring to the birth date of Jesus. In other words, a Christmas party would become a Christ-Mass party. A Christ-Mass card would render useless any suggestion of a ‘winter break’, ‘yuletide’ or ‘seasonal greeting’ as, in reality, none of these exist. A Christmas sale at the superstore would become a Christ-Mass sale in order for it to make sense. What do you think? That way, if you chose to celebrate the true meaning of the Christ Mass then all one would need, as the Beatles once put it so eloquently, is love: nothing else would matter: money not required. Remember at Easter you’re lucky if you get a chocolate egg and a card! That would then free-up a great deal of conscience which at this time of year often has to deal with the problems of getting into further unnecessary debt. Then, if there was a bit of spare cash flying around, I’m sure there are numerous charities, including our own air ambulance or hospice that could benefit immensely. Yet again thousands of families will see themselves getting into unnecessary debt for absolutely no reason at all. I don’t think that’s what Jesus would want to happen in his name on his birthday: do you?


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