Homeward Bound

A 13 year old me sitting in dad’s favorite chair with some of dad’s favorite books

There has always been a bookcase in my home. My dad was a great reader, keeping his favourite novels close to his favourite chair near his favourite table. Books by Nevil Shute and Charles Dickens stood in rows alongside the Encyclopaedia Britannica and titles like ‘Everyday in my Garden’.Behind every published title there has invariably been a ‘launch’ of some description: an opportunity for the publisher to promote a new title and author following months of well targeted marketing. In May 2004 my publisher chose Corby’s Willows Theatre as the place to launch my first title as this represented the heart of my origins: the centre of my home town. I was immensely proud having spent the previous two years on the project. BBC Radio Northampton and other media supported me by having a presence, as did Corby’s newly appointed mayor, choosing my book launch as her first official duty. On the other side of the world my friend Angie McCartney is preparing for the unveiling of her first major work, a biography aptly entitled ‘My Long and Winding Road’. Angie will be flying in from California to Liverpool’s John Lennon airport to be part of a major two day event at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall during which her book will be officially introduced to the world, complete with a foreword written by Cynthia Lennon.Angie married Jim McCartney, Sir Paul’s dad, in 1964 and had first hand family experience of the global effect of the Beatles phenomenon and beyond, well into Paul’s solo career. From ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ to ‘Let It Be’ and from ‘Another Day’ to ‘Wings at the Speed of Sound’ Angie, and their daughter Ruth, were at the centre of it all. Angie can still be heard on my show every Wednesday helping me with Dick’s Domestic Tips. I began to wonder if authors, like salmon, have a need to return home at times of particular significant landmarks in their lives: a statement of pride in their childhood home and beginnings.

Paul’s new band ‘Wings’ is launched & takes to the air.
Angie McCartney & Paul McCartney Monday 8th November 1971.


Angie McCartney, Richard Oliff & Ruth McCartney.Wednesday 30th January 2013

Further reading https://richoliff.wordpress.com/2011/11/03/woman-who-was-behind-a-beatle/


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