Getting Better All The Time

I’d never really thought of it before. Why should I? My Every Christmas has been totally family focussed, cocooned in our own little world of magical happiness, spectacular dinners, presents, games ‘telly’, paper hats and doing the dishes: lots of dishes. Yet throughout the entire festive season, including New Year, there are people just like you and me making the whole thing ‘tick’. At some point between the two major events I can almost guarantee that I’ll be sent on some errand or other because we’ve run out of milk or perhaps the sherry is getting a tad low. Well, this season give a thought for the garage attendant working on Christmas day. It’s also worth remembering that not everyone working during the holidays is on some kind of bonus: the legendary ‘double time’. dffdsfsOur hospitals don’t pause just because it’s Christmas. The emergency services are continually on standby and the crew at the charity subsidised air Ambulance are forever ready to serve. As we put the kettle on for the gazillionth time give a thought to the boys and girls that keep the national grid running 24 hours a day. Kennels are particularly busy as thousands of cat and dog owners’ jet off to the sun or snow. Workers in huge warehouses on our doorstep will be poised and ready with their forklift’s to receive hundreds of trailers full of stock to replenish the shelves of shops everywhere in time for the New Year. These are just a few examples. Personally speaking, the economic downturn seriously affected my own working patterns this year; as a consequence, barring weekends, the only weekday that I didn’t awake to face a working day was last January 1st: no holidays, no sickness, and no urgent appointments. One simply has to ‘get on with things’, forever hearing the words of a song banging in ones head: ‘Things Can Only Get Better’. I wish you and yours a peaceful, healthy (physically and economically) happy 2013.


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