A Right Royal To-Do

Three Kings in waiting

Three Kings in waiting

Things are not always as they seem: the history of our Royal family bears out that nothing should ever be taken for granted. When James II came to the throne in 1685 he could never have imagined that his reign would end with his exile in France, being replaced following what was called the Glorious Revolution by first cousins William and Mary. When George V died in 1936 no one could have foretold that his successor, Edward Vlll would never be crowned. As many in our country still celebrate the birth of a royal Prince, it is all too easy to ignore how the present reality has an uncanny way of guiding the future in the most of unsuspecting ways. Will the Queen abdicate in favor of future generations? Would the Prince of Wales choose to be King Charles lll or would he forego in favor of a younger modern new Royal family in the shape of King William V, with a new Prince George in waiting. The fact remains that we simply don’t know. We can only follow events as they are: that the Queen will reign for the rest of her life and that Prince Charles will succeed as ‘Defender of the Faiths’. The Royal birth was just another feel good event that followed a remarkable period of British success, celebration: even euphoria. The Diamond Jubilee, and an amazing Olympic triumph managed to ease the pain of economic meltdown and, if that wasn’t enough, two British riders came right out of left field to win the Tour de France, the Lions took rugby to Australia, Andy Murray dared to win Wimbledon and we’re not looking too shabby in this years Ashes test. I would like to have seen the Prince of Cambridge given a more adventurous name, yet even the one given, George, reminds us that we have secured at least a hundred years of future Kings and added further down to our thick-tog national identity security blanket.


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