Trust Me!

‘Never trust a politician’. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard this said. ‘Never talk to a journalist’ is advice given to many a celebrity via the odd protective agency or two. And what can one say about the legal profession? After all, according to one survey (produced by journalists), only 35% of those questioned said that they would trust a lawyer. Then there are the accountants, engineers, mechanics, civil servants, teachers, builders, estate agents and lets not forget the bankers. The irony is that no matter how we feel about any or all of the above, the chances are that at some time or other, our faith and commitment has to be placed in their hands. Even the lawyer’s need builders, the estate agents need to use the banks, and, as unlikely as it may sound, politicians have been known to manipulate the media: or should that be the other way round? On the one hand it’s true to say that certain ‘bad apples’ in any walk of life can taint the rest, yet on the other hand isn’t it simply a case of a ‘love to hate’ scenario? Here are my confessions. My solicitor is excellent: as is the estate agent that helped me move home in the past twelve months. The mechanic that services my car is real find and the builder that built my extension some three year ago did exactly what it said on the proverbial ‘tin’. So here’s a thought. Firstly examine what it is that you do on a day to day basis to earn a crust then secondly, think openly and as honestly as you can about the people you expect to respect what it is that you do. Then ask why it is that so many of us are consistently judgemental, often unreasonably, about others. Perhaps it’s easier to believe the stereotype. Hands up. I’m a broadcaster and journalist, trusted by only 7% of the population, Ho hum.


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