The Best is Yet to Come

1900086_10152291530678698_114138205_nThe snow-storm was particularly bad as the little Commer van set off from Liverpool to London on what would become one of the best known and best told story’s in popular music history. It was 31st December 1961 and The Beatles were heading south for their legendary audition with Decca Records, a meeting that had been arranged by their manager Brian Epstein. sdfxasfdxaThe group – George Harrison, Pete Best, John Lennon and Paul McCartney – travelled down from Liverpool with their driver and roadie Neil Aspinall, whereas Epstein had travelled separately by train. Their appointment was with A&R representative Mike Smith at 11am the following day: 1st January 1962: at Decca’s studios located at 165 Broadhurst Gardens, West Hampstead. That same day Smith was to audition another band, with the sole aim of choosing just one for the Decca label. $_57He chose a Dagenham group called The Tremeloes, the original quintet consisting of lead vocalist Brian Poole, lead guitarist Rick Westwood, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Alan Blakley, bassist Alan Howard and drummer Dave Munden. The Beatles headed home to Liverpool. The rest, as the cliché goes, is history. On 23rd September 1995 I was presenting my usual Saturday Showtime on radio when I saw the phone line flash red. Joining me live was the original drummer from The Beatles, Pete Best, the aim being to promote his forthcoming show in Corby on 3rd October, a show incidentally that never took place. Corby Council’s Entertainments manager, Charles Sanders, was quoted in the press as saying that the cancelled gig was due to Best having contracted a virus. Pete and I talked mostly about his all new ‘Pete Best Band’ and what audiences might expect from an ex Beatle. ed3fda92-fb45-40fe-bf87-16d538ceedafNaturally I kept a recording of the interview on a small reel-to-reel tape. Since that conversation almost nineteen years ago the original drummer with the Tremeloes, Dave Munden, has been a guest on my show, as has long term member Chip Hawkes. Their charismatic lead singer Brian Poole was also on my show: yesterday.


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