Here Comes The Sun

Last Sunday spring sprung early as the sun streamed through the chink in my bedroom curtains. What a glorious time of year this is: it has always been a favourite with me. However, this year it has even more significance. After living in my new home for just over one year I’ve decided that my little house needs a complete facelift, and what better time to begin the process than during a period of renewal. The first thing to do is to replace all of the old 70’s style internal doors with some lovely brand new panelled replacements: also re-hang two doors that had been hung upside down! sdfsdfsNext there’s the bathroom, which is in serious need of entire renovation: a complete refit with some contemporary new lines and fixtures. Then there are the somewhat antiquated electric fuse boxes which give readings that even my electric company struggles to comprehend. Well, all of that’s going, being replaced with a state of the art piece of equipment that even I might understand: perhaps. My target list continues. An entirely new drive is planned that will dispense with the jigsaw of uneven boring grey old cracked slabs, giving way to modern even block paving that will continue round the side of the house and on to form a patio to the French windows at the rear. A new sturdy fence will be erected that will give the the much needed privacy so craved, and will allow my little dog Alfie the freedom to roam at will this coming summer, allaying all fears of him running after any distractions or causing unnecessary irritation to my neighbours. Last, but by no means least is the little matter of my front door. This is a cause of great annoyance to me as it is so obviously out of ‘kilter’ with the rest of the building. Then, when all of this is complete I shall turn my hand to finishing off the decorating. Spring has arrived.


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