How to Invite Unwanted Guests

Before going on our annual family holiday my parents would ensure that our trusted neighbours either side were the only people who would know of our impending absence and that a call to Corby police station was seen as almost a reflex action. The reason was obvious, even to a child: security. In the sixties the local police officer on the beat could regularly yet randomly be seen trying the doors, peering through windows and testing the locks of homes belonging to absentee residents as they enjoyed their well earned annual break in Skegness. I’m astounded at the number of people of all ages that freely announce to the entire planet via various forms of social media that for the next two weeks they will be in Florida. Not only that, but once there they begin posting pictures of mum and dad at the water park or little Sam enjoying a massive pizza. All of this information is gold dust to would be burglars, some of whom trawl the internet for precisely such unguarded yet priceless information. You, in your excitement, and your impatience to tell all and sundry just how well your tan is progressing, have just unwittingly handed a criminal the key to your home.burg 3 Indeed, one could argue that insurance companies may have a case against honouring cover in such circumstances. Here’s an example of one that recently announced itself onto my phone: “So, let the celebration weekend begin: we’ll start with a stroll around Bournemouth park, followed by the gig tomorrow night. A drive into the new forest followed by a cream tea, onto the car museum and fab dinner Sunday. Back Monday to recover!” Why would anyone in their right mind announce to everyone on Twitter that they will be away for an entire weekend, or that they are so looking forward to going to that Bruce Springsteen concert next Friday? By all means enjoy the summer but leave the ‘good-time’ sharing ‘selfie’ until afterwards.


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