Hey, Leave it to the Professionals!

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been having a new patio and drive installed. There is no doubt that this is a mighty financial investment, one worthy of close scrutiny when it comes to selecting the appropriate builder. By nature I’m quite ‘picky’: somewhat demanding when it comes to getting the ideal result. Well, we found just the right guy for the task and, for fear of causing him too much embarrassment, ‘thanks Leon for a job well done’. My point this week is that when anyone wants a tradesman they will usually choose a professionally trained, qualified and highly skilled person for the task; after all, it’s all too easy to fall foul of the unskilled cowboys that may be seen on the gallery in Rogue Traders or Watchdog. So why is it therefore so different in the field of entertainment, or even sport? It never ceases to amaze me just how many well known entertainers have an automatic built-in ability to be radio or TV presenters. Forget output quality or the listening intelligence of an audience, and definitely nothing, of course, to do with quality of presentation style or Rajar (a somewhat random method of gathering listening statistics) figures. How patronizing. As for Radio 2, well, it’s like Sunday night TV: Singer Aled Jones, singer Michael Ball, bishopComedian John Bishop, Singer Elaine Page, Comedian Paul O’Grady, singer Paul Jones……even Suzie Quatro’s had a go! I’m amazed that anyone in hospital, community, commercial or local BBC radio has any ambition left. Now we have Charlotte Church standing in for Dermot O’Leary. Wasn’t he that bloke from the X-Factor? These people may be quite good, but imagine how much better our national radio output could be if only well trained career professionals were allowed to spread their wings. Well, here’s my message for all programme controllers everywhere: national or local. It’s all a little late for my generation but let’s not dumb down the future before it’s even begun.


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  1. I was amazed how John bishop’s voiceover for his Australian series lacked..well any sense of anything really. That’s what flashed through my mind as I switched it off.

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