When Will They Ever Learn

Despite everything, I consider myself to be an extremely fortunate person. Even within the context of my own country, the region in which I live is not prone to extremes of weather, like flooding, landside or other natural occurrences that might seriously threaten my home: even my life. I wake in the morning knowing that there is food in the kitchen, the electricity will work and cool drinking water will flow at my command. There are so many reasons to be cheerful that it is sometimes difficult to find reasons to be grateful as I was so often reminded to do by my parents. I switch on the TV news and mutter at how terrible this or that story is or despair at the antics of the odd celebrity or two. Then last weekend I found myself on the phone making a charitable donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee – again – this time to help the people of Gaza as they struggle to survive the onslaught by their mighty neighbours Israel. Who’s right or who’s wrong? Who first fired shots or missiles? Well, and I have to say this: When we see what you are doing to each other we have to tell you we just don’t care for the reasons: we just need you to stop. Guys, you’re killing babies and flattening schools full of, surprisingly, children. As the rest of most of the world is in the process of commemorating and remembering the hell and nightmare of total war, there are still adults on this planet who just don’t seem to realise that war really doesn’t do anything other than kill, mame, humiliate and destroy. drtydrtedrtThe truth is I genuinely don’t care what religion anyone is, or their skin colour or how much money they have. No nation or individual should have the right to torture and kill needlessly from remote locations simply by aiming on a computer and pushing a button. War is over: if you want it!


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