A Brief Encounter with Crazy Horse

Most of the people I’ve interviewed I can remember for varying reasons, yet some, it would appear had disappeared completely from my memory, mostly through the passage of time. Occasionally in the past, though it doesn’t seem to happen with me a great deal these days, an event would be planned by a national organisation or initiative that would be in aid of a local charity to help boost the coffers and the awareness of said charity. Last week, completely out of the blue I was contacted by a lady who’d once been responsible for fundraising on behalf of the Kettering and district branch of the National Kidney Foundation. During 1998 she had established a good working relationship with KCBC Radio in Kettering which was also the official station for Corby and Wellingborough. She’d have all kinds of ideas for raising cash and awareness on behalf of the Foundation, like bungee jumps or celebrity charity football matches. On 26th June 1998 such a football match took place in Kettering between the ‘Poppies’ and the Emlyn Hughes Allstars football team and, as it’s name suggested, it was a team of national celebrities and household names lead by the late Liverpool and England footballing legend, Emlyn ‘Crazy Horse’ Hughes OBE.

Emlyn Hughes David Coleman, and Bill Beaumont  on A Question of Sport in 1985. Photograph: Allstar/BBC

Emlyn Hughes David Coleman, and Bill Beaumont on A Question of Sport in 1985. Photograph: Allstar/BBC

I’d always remembered him too as the captain of one of the teams on the TV programme A Question of Sport alongside Bill Beaumont with David Coleman in the chair. To help promote the charity match a telephone interview had been arranged for me to chat with Emlyn about the Allstars in my capacity as, not only a presenter, but also as News Editor and Station Manager. ???????????????????????????????Through the passage of time I’d completely forgotten about that interview until this lady presented me with a cassette recording. Its only the briefest of conversations but it had a way of transporting me to another time and place: another life, which seems like a million years ago. Many many thanks : you know who you are.

EMLYN HUGHES interviewed (albeit briefly) by RICHARD OLIFF


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