Theatre’s of the Mind

10407728_10154813922380401_7011090327436381872_nSeveral times throughout the years HFM radio has run a series of courses for those people interested in any aspect of the medium, from presenting a radio show, to preparing or editing the news, sport, or perhaps working in the administrative side of the business. As a direct result of this introductory approach the station has already identified and helped many talented local people, some of whom have gone on to have shows of their own, helped with news or sport presentation or those that have proved invaluable as they help with the smooth running of the station. This week has seen the culmination of yet another of these well attended free of charge courses, at which time I’m asked to give a short presentation outlining my experience of the radio industry, and what it is that keeps me coming back for more: year after year. vcfghfgndfIt’s only once I begin to speak that I realise just how enthusiastic I still am for the work that I do. Sometimes I surprise myself as I reaffirm my commitment to this eager band of strangers in an almost evangelical way, some of whom from previous courses have become both colleagues and friends. As one might suspect, it’s not all a bed of roses as it’s inevitable that not everyone is ‘cut-out’ for a career in radio, but at least, through their attendance, they have had a snapshot of an industry often perceived as a closed-shop when looking for undiscovered talent. There are more opportunities in today’s media, certainly commercial, than ever before, and positively a changed picture from when I was a teenager. Schools and colleges today have their own studios where they make and produce their own programmes, which is a wonderful thing, yet nothing but nothing can replace the adrenalin rush and feeling that one gets when one is about to slide up a fader for the first time and speak into a microphone to a discerning audience of thousands.P1040534


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