Made in Corby

If someone were to ask you what Corby meant to you, where would you begin? Ideas are currently in development for the Made in Corby’s 2016 musical from four professional musical writing teams, and are to be performed and judged at an afternoon performance event held at The Core theatre on Saturday 9th May from 2.30pm until 5pm, compered by, wait for it, me. Four professional musical writing teams have been working on their ideas since last January. Their brief was developed with the local Corby community and Perfect Pitch, the national company commissioned by ‘Made in Corby’. Perfect Pitch Director Andy Barnes says: “This will be an exciting afternoon event. We’re inviting the people of Corby to come along to see what’s been developed by the writing teams so far and to tell us which of the four ideas they would like to see become a full musical. This is a chance for Corby people to have their say.” This made me think. There are so many aspects to the character and ‘soul’ of Corby it would be almost impossible to sum them up in just a few lines. Here are several that immediately came to my mind. corby_town_centreIron filings on magnets, the Corby Candle, Sealed Beams, York Trailers, Nabisco Frears, my paper round, the fire station on Forest Gate Road, the ‘Wessie’, Thoroughsale woods, catching newts at the tip, the Odeon cinema, the big blue clock and the Fine Fare café on Corporation Street, the Nags Head, the Welfare, Arnolds toy shop and of course the steelworks. People from all over the UK and Ireland descended onto this tiny English village as if gold had been discovered in ‘tham thar hills!’ What they actually found was enough iron ore to keep thousands, including me, in full time employment for years to come. So, if one were to write a musical about a town like Corby how would you see that developing? Well, we may both soon find out.

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