Making Your Mind Up

Today media presenters across the land are scratching their heads to find the best, appropriate or otherwise songs to play that reflect the fact that this is polling day in the UK’s General Election for 2015. Alice Cooper’s Elected is always a good standby closely followed by Election Day by Arcadia. The one thing they cannot, ‘nay’, must not do or say is anything that might influence public opinion or the outcome of the vote in any way shape or form. Purple Rain, Lady in Red, Mr. Blue Sky, Orange Crush, The Green Manalishi, Big Yellow Taxi… get the idea, would all be bad play list choices. Having said that, one would be hard pressed to accidentally play a classic ‘amber’, tune: though I’m sure it’s out there. Also, I think it might be stretching things to the extreme to suggest that the birth of a Royal baby was in any way an attempt at distraction: pulling in votes – for any party. Undecided2Years ago, following polling day, we would wake up to the news that one defeated candidate had phoned the winner  to congratulate them on their victory. Indeed, this often happened before the polls even closed as the outcome would become most evident. It would be Ted Heath or Harold Wilson: John Major or Tony Blair. Today things are different. We could end up with all the leaders of all the main parties negotiating via a Skype conference call to see who has the whip hand and who might wield the greatest influence over the others in a new Parliament. Whatever happens, my hope for any outcome is that the turnout is high. That all qualifying voters from all corners of the UK make use of their democratic right to vote in what could be one of the most defining elections ever. Something is in the air: unexpected things may be blowing in the wind, and this may be the time of the season for revealing our true colours. Broadcasters: take note!



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