I’m as Old as Rock ‘n Roll

Happy Birthday Joan Collins

Things were remarkably different in 1955. I’d been born at St. Mary’s Hospital on Kettering’s London Road, screaming my way into the world at 7pm on 23rd May, the only one in my family not to have been born at home. This weekend I shall celebrate my 60th birthday, thankful that the popular 60’s cultural mantra that to die before one gets old had, in my case so far, not been fulfilled. Last week I was flattered to have been invited to give a presentation to the Phoenix Rotary Club at the Holiday Inn in Corby, where I found myself randomly sitting next to a man who I’d never had the pleasure of meeting before. We chatted over dinner and it transpired that he too would soon be 60: not only that. Ian Day and I were born on the same day in the same year – what were the chances of that? Happy birthday Ian. On 1st October 2013 I interviewed a man who’d had a huge hit in the 70’s around the world with his song Lucky Stars’. I remember having many a ‘smoochy’ dance to that classic at the end of a long night out in Corby.

Ian Day, Richard Oliff, Dean Friedman

Ian Day, Richard Oliff, Dean Friedman

During my research into the life of Dean Friedman I discovered that he too had been born on 23rd May 1955. Neither of my parents managed to survive beyond the age of 55, yet they both seemed to have a maturity that has apparently eluded me, clinging instead as I always have to the survivalist’s philosophy that, wisdom aside, one is only as old as one feels. led zep ticketThat being the case I can reveal, regardless of how the world views me, I’m still the same young man that went to London on 23rd May 1975 to witness Led Zeppelin in concert at Earls Court. Sonny mac3This weekend Sir Paul McCartney’s nephew will be taking photographs of me in a photo-shoot near to the O2 arena in London. Have a great bank Holiday.


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