It’s All Too Much Trouble

Why bother any more?
Last week it was announced by HMRC that they would not be hounding people to pay the tax overdue fine amount of £100, so long as they give a reason that is on a list of reasonable reasons for not paying their tax on time. On the one hand I gave a little ‘hooray’ inside, yet on the other I was slightly annoyed in that I have always submitted my tax return well in advance to avoid the scenario all together. That said, this is hopefully the first indication that they may be going after some of the bigger fish, perhaps the odd shark or two, that have become so adept at avoiding the payment of vast telephone-number amounts to the exchequer. In the same week we’d been to the O2 in London to see a sell-out concert, with thousands of people attending. phot0823bbIn the past I can remember having to queue for an age as people’s tickets were inspected and the ‘stubs’ removed. This was the first time that none of that happened. Sure, they checked my ticket by scanning the bar-code, but the stub, despite having its finely perforated edge for easy removal, stayed firmly attached. My person was not searched for cameras or recording equipment, purely because it would be all too much trouble, almost impossible in truth, to prevent such a vast crowd from using their phone’s to capture the perfect moment in high definition. What are they going to do I thought? Confiscate 20,000 mobiles? It’s easy to forget that this is the self same process that was once used to prevent unsavoury characters from bringing even more sinister items into a closed public event. The bottom line is this: Is it really worth bothering any more? Imagine if the police actually issued fines to people caught riding bikes on pavements, or the noise in fast-food restaurants as adults tell their children to remove their elbows from the table and not to speak whilst eating.


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  1. Having a bad week, Richard? I know what you mean, though. I get fed up with people getting away with stuff, when I’m dutifully going along following all the rules. Why bother to park legally when we all know there is slim chance of a traffic warden? Go ahead: drop your litter, let your dog do his business in the park, etc, etc. Why bother? Because we care, that’s why. Deep breath.

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