Natural Stardust


For as long as I can remember performers have wanted to achieve the fame, status and financial security afforded the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley or Madonna. I met a man recently who almost ‘made it big’ without the likes of the X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent or The Voice. I met him during a casual conversation as I admired a horse that was stabled on his neighbours land. His name is Roy Hoather who, in the early 60’s, was the drummer with a six piece band from Essex called The Naturals. Their initial story is one of anecdote: the thing from which all dreams emanate. They were spotted playing by a talent scout who happened to work for Brian Epstein and Dick James. (Dick James Music). They then had the formal meeting at Epstein’s office where it was decided to sign them to Parlophone, a name which was synonymous then with that of The Beatles. Their first successful release  was recorded at Abbey Road’s famous EMI number two studio, as The Beatles were editing their new album in the adjoining studio three.SDFSDDDDDSFS xvxxxcvThe song they recorded with Lennon and McCartney present was ‘I Should Have Known Better’, a Lennon-McCartney song taken from the 1964 film A Hard Day’s Night’. It was backed by a song written by Leslie Conn, a partner of Dick James, who in turn was responsible for giving David Bowie his first personal management contract. Indeed, at one stage in the career of The Naturals Bowie (then David Jones) had been their ‘warm up act’ at a club in which they were due to perform. The parties of the successful washing-machine millionaire John Bloom were legendary: The Naturals were there. sddsd
Since our meeting next to that stable Roy has been a guest on my show and is now looking to complete his memoirs in the form of a biography, which will no doubtinclude the tale of his involvement in The Living Daylights, and beginnings of Ian Dury’s Blockheads!XBXXB


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