Beware the Snag Attack

What exactly is a ‘snag-list? Well, it’s what’s known to those in various trades and services as those things left undone or should have been done or done incorrectly and require correction in accordance with the wishes of a client as agreed in an original specification and /or quotation. Since moving to our new home at the beginning of 2013 we’ve become more than accustomed to those within certain trades and services that are able to do a job correctly, as specified and agreed, (thanks Leon, Pat and Steve), then there are those that overstretch themselves so far and beyond their capabilities, they cause nothing but unnecessary ill feeling and distress. We’ve had a new drive and patio installed totally snag-free – brilliant. Our faulty window systems and guttering were changed and an old inadequate and poorly installed electrical system replaced: happily all snag-free. Then there was the extensive garden fencing erection that was irritatingly snag-infested. A new TV system was then ‘fitted’ by a national chain with workmanship that was so snag ridden we had to bring in another company to repair their botched installation. We’ve had new window shutters installed throughout with only negligible problems: minor bearable snags. Then, more recently, a complete bathroom installation which was so snag-swamped we were left gagging for adjectives. Indeed, the company that installed said bathroom were vying to be first on our installation list for a new kitchen. My response? Well, to them and to those that installed the fencing and the new TV, no chance: don’t make me laugh: as they say in social media land, – lol: lmao: rofl! Having had my own daily BBC consumer show for four years one might suspect that I might have had a better idea than most at spotting the odd ‘chancer’ or ‘rogue trader’ but no. They creep up on one when one least expects it. Be warned – they’re very good at parting one from one’s cash in some of the slickest ways possible.


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