The Dust and the Grime is All Mine All Mine

Having recently had parts of my house completely re-decorated I’d entirely forgotten just how much disruption was involved. It was the first time in my adult life that I’d had a need to hire someone else to decorate any part of my home, purely because of health reasons, and I was naturally apprehensive at handing over such a changing project to a third party. I need not have worried. Chris completed the whole task in only four days: two coats of emulsion on the living room walls, the ceilings, the staircase, the landing and all the glossed woodwork in between. It was then however time to return all the furniture, books, TV….everything, to its rightful place, once of course it had all been dusted, polished, vacuum or cleaned: let the nightmare begin. Where does all the dust come from? Having examined almost every usually ignored surface I’m amazed at how so much dust can form in so many hidden places for so long. dustyIt was then that I discovered the wondrous properties of wet-wipes: a life without dusters. It made me realise that when we say that its time to ‘do’ the housework that we actually, in reality, only scratch the surface in the cleaning process. If we were to completely do all the work required to clean our homes we’d never have any time for anything else, which leads me to ask the following questions: how much dust and daily mess is appropriate or conducive to healthy living in our homes? Where is the line between ‘normal’ and ’abnormal’ amounts of dust and grime? If anyone has an answer to these little gems then please get in touch. Even those with a compulsive need to clean might be surprised at just how much dust can be overlooked. Ironically I’ll have to repeat the entire process when we replace our ageing 70’s carpet with the clean lines of a wooden floor. Thankfully I’ve never had to tackle anything like that myself.


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  1. juliathorley

    A timely post, given the recent news story about ‘stuff’ in our air. I’m very much of the ‘peck of muck’ philosophy – you can be too clean. Anyone who complains in my house is shown where the dusters are kept.

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